Clean Sweep For The New Year

Jan 4, 2019Fitness, Food & Nutrition, Health, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Relationships

Bring time, space and joy into your life.

A New Year, a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate.

Why not take the opportunity at the beginning of this New Year to get rid of all that’s weighing you down? This includes clearing up your environment, tying up loose ends, and handling situations you are tolerating.

Make the New Year a vibrant one and kick off 2019 with a Clean Sweep. Let’s roll up your sleeves and get organized.

The Clean Sweep Program

The Clean Sweep Program, created by Thomas Leonard, consist of 100 items that help clean up unfinished business in 4 areas:

  1. Physical environment
  2. Well-being
  3. Money
  4. Relationships

The objective of this Program is to score 100 out of 100. When completed, giving you more vitality and strength. Depending on you and where you are in the process, the Program may take 30 to 360 days to complete.

Why do a Clean Sweep?

When you clear your environment, tie up loose ends, and handle situations you are tolerating, you have more natural energy to achieve your personal and professional goals.

The benefits of a tidy life are numerous. Here just a few of the promises of this Program:

  • Clarity of values: You are able to focus on what is important to you.
  • Saving time and money: You get to spend time on what fulfils you and are not constantly overwhelmed by having to make tons of decisions.
  • Peace of mind from having less stuff to look after (and to lose).
  • More space for creativity mentally as well as physically.

How to get started?

It can be tough but getting rid of the stuff that’s weighing you down and leading a life of tidiness is always worth the effort. Believe me!

The Clean Sweep Program, created by Thomas Leonard, guides you through improving your life by clearing out the cobwebs and making space for greatness. Follow these steps and get started:

Be rigorous with yourself. If the statement isn’t ALWAYS true, just sometimes or even most of the time, please don’t check the YES box until the statement is always true for you.

If the statement doesn’t apply to you, or will never be true for you, then check the YES box. You get credit because it doesn’t apply or won’t ever happen.

  • When you’ve responded to all the statements, add up the number of YES statements for a total score in each of the 4 categories. By doing this, you can see which areas score high and which areas score low.
  • Print this form so you’ll have a record of your responses, and a reminder of areas you can improve.
  • The objective is to get a score of 100 out of 100. Use the printed form to check-in as you work on completing the Program at your own pace. You can do this!

Do you feel you could use some help? Someone to keep you accountable? Someone to help you create a plan?

As a Health Coach, I help my clients organize their lives in a way that satisfies their needs, so that they can reach their full potential and live life’s that are vibrant, healthy and fulfilled.

Congratulations on taking the first steps to a more vibrant life!


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