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Nov 15, 2020Health, Lifestyle, Mindfulness

Step outside your comfort zone & into magic.

Life can get comfy really fast. We build walls up around ourselves, and we never stray outside of them. Yet, breaking through those barriers and taking a walk on the wild side has so many benefits.

I’ve done a lot of self-reflection in the last year, and this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I love personal growth, and I really think it’s something many individuals don’t focus on enough. Staying within your comfort zone is also the root cause of many people’s unhappiness.

But before I get into more specific reasons why you need to step outside your comfort zone, what exactly is the comfort zone? Let’s take a look!

Understanding Your Comfort Zone

This is super easy to define! All you need to do is create a list. This list includes everything currently part of your life right now, such as your job, your parenting style, your friendships, your financial state, and more.

Then, create another list. This second list will include everything you desire and that you want. These items you don’t currently have. This list is what’s outside of your comfort zone. So, why should you dive headfirst into this list? I’ve got 5 reasons why!

#1 – You Increase Your Own Personal Development

Are you constantly improving yourself? Are you looking to grow? Surprisingly, most of us don’t. Our natural survival mechanisms love safety and comfort. When you have what you need to survive, our mind and body don’t want to change that.

Yet, for you to form new perspectives and grow as a person, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes, it’s okay to be comfortably uncomfortable. In fact, it benefits your mind in so many ways. You create new neural connections. You reinforce old ones. Consequently, this can improve neural plasticity and actually prevent cognitive decline. You grow as a person and you get health benefits galore!

#2 – You Feel More Fulfilled

Many individuals wake up each day feeling that they aren’t living to their full potential. But you have ample opportunity to do so! When you find new ways and activities outside of your comfort zone, you can achieve fulfillment and continue to do so as you push your own limits.

#3 – You Feel Less Scared

Undeniably, the world can be a scary place. This is especially true if you never leave your comfort zone. When you stay within your comfort zone, anything outside of that is unknown and scary. Yet, when you step outside of it, you realize things aren’t as bad as they seem. Maybe finally creating your own business or improving your health isn’t actually as scary or unknown as you thought. Maybe you realize you can achieve it, so you do.

#4 – You Become More Productive

You’re challenging yourself. You’re showing yourself to not be scared of the unknown. And you build momentum. Small moves begin to stack up. You become more productive. You begin accomplishing your goals and completing things you never thought you would.

#5 – You Begin to Impact Others

Who doesn’t want to make a difference in this world? Most likely, we all do. And it starts with making small changes involving the people around you. When they see you stepping outside of your comfort zone and going after what you want, you provide inspiration. People use this as their own motivation. It’s incredible what your own actions can do for others – even indirectly.

Start Taking Steps!

Begin with one small step at a time. Maybe it’s simply applying for that new job. Or perhaps it’s finally signing up for that class you’ve been wanting to take but haven’t. Step outside your comfort zone – take that first step today!


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