My philosophy

“You never lose.
You either win
or learn!

My philosophy

“You never lose.
You either win
or learn!


A city girl at heart. Born in Amsterdam – Living in Barcelona.

I spend my weekends outside, in the kitchen testing new recipes, exercising, doing yoga, shopping organic groceries and reading.

Some of my favourite things include:

  • Home essentials: Candles & Incenses
  • Handbag essentials: Yogi Tea Chocolate, Nuts, HURRAW lip balm
  • Current favorite treats: Vegan Hot Chocolate, Raw Vegan Cheese
  • Current favorite pieces of clothing: Crop tops, Denim shorts
  • Current philosophy: “You never lose. You either win or learn!”


My name is Sabrina and I am passionate about healthy living and sharing my knowledge with other people.

I am convinced that food is one of the most important contributors to healthy living. The statement: “You become what you eat” is so true to me.

I have learned many things over the years and eating healthy has been a process that has slowly lead me to the path of a complete, healthy lifestyle.

Having studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am prepared and passionate to make this shift a lot easier for you. Together, we will create a unique nutrition or food plan that is based on your specific needs + fitting your busy lifestyle. My highly personalized approach ensures your success in achieving your personal wellness goals.

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