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“It’s entirely possible to reach your weight loss and health goals without dieting or forcing yourself to do exercises you don’t enjoy. Movement is meant to feel good.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. And you can reach your goals while enjoying both.”

Are you READY to live a free and sexy life – one that is nourished in ALL aspects and one that’s exciting and appeals to YOU?

A Look Inside The Book

A Look Inside The Book.

Nº pages: 112
Nº recipes: 32
Language: English
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Nourishment applies to every area of our lives: physical, mental, and spiritual. It means nourishing your body with food, exercise, people, and activities that fill you up as opposed to cut you down. It is not about restrictions. It’s about filling your life with VALUE.
This means:

  • Choosing foods that provide your body with the nutrients it needs,
  • Performing exercise that brings you joy,
  • Investing in relationships that feed your soul,
  • And putting your time into a career that brings you purpose.

This e-book will guide you toward living a more nourished life. To do so, you’ll need to fire on all cylinders. You’ll have to start to take care of yourself in all aspects – not just your body but also your mind and soul. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep things simple. Through this e-book, you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

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